SR Service de remplacement de Montréal

SR Service de remplacement de Montréal

What we Did:

Web Design, Web Tools Integration, SEO Optimization, ATS Integration

This company was looking to be able to add more features over the years and have its brand refreshed via its website.

We started by refreshing their logo as they wanted and then proceeded to create a colour palette for their new web design.

We also decided to transfer their website from to WordPress as it is more versatile and cheaper to operate.

After creating the design for the website we added these features to the project:

  • News section
  • Job Board with forms
  • All Plugins for Google Tags Managers and SEO


Project Story

The SR is based in Montreal and is offering a replacement service; it has been offering its expertise in early childhood staff replacement to the Montreal network for over 20 years.

If you are a daycare center and you have one-time or long-term needs, their service is there for you; if you are looking for a job that balances work/family/studies/life? SR is the right employer for you!

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