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Get a Dedicated Resource for your web related things starting at only 495$/month

At maveroo, you only pay for actual work:

  • No Hires
  • No training
  • No Hassle.

Simplify all your complex operations

Streamline workflows and get more done in less time by leaving the busywork to us.

Scale and grow your business

Ignite your potential by expanding to new channels, adding new online presence and learning from your data.

Provide exceptional customer experiences

Exceed customer expectations, and build a loyal community, online and off.

Enhance Your Business

Ignite your Business & Grow your market.

We created maveroo out of a necessity for businesses like yours to obtain help on everything web-related. 

When talking to hundreds of companies, we realized that what they need the most is access to experts in different fields from the tech world.

You will no longer need to hire tech people by delegating your web-related tasks to us. Whether it’s for IT Support, Maintenance, SEO and Ads Analysis, and many more tasks… 

We are the team you need to be more efficient and have more time to do what you were meant to do: Manage your Business!

Why Choose Us


A small but effective team that is dedicated to offer the best service!


We are here to support your staff & manage the tools so they don't break!


We are efficient, you save time and effort. We deliver your tools and make sure they work well


Need to update your processes, add new users or tools? We will update along the way!

What we Offer

Every services for your Web Presence

We offer a wide variety of services specifically in 6 different fields:

Web design

Flexible & open source, we use WooCommerce & WordPress to get you the best service.

Inventory & POS

LightSpeed Retail/eCom. For Web and store inventory & POS


Google Suite, Zoho Suite, Chatbots, SEM Rush, PushEngage, etc.


From updating to changing solutions. We Find, Integrate, and Update all your tools on your Website.

SEO & Visibility

Yoast/All in One SEO, Google Ads, Google Shopping. Everything for more eyes on your Brand

IT Support

Maintaining, Strategizing, Managing, Training, and much more! Your Help for everything web-related.

Make More With Less!

Working like there's no Tomorrow!

By working efficiently, not having to pay for training and lost hours searching and browsing for solutions, we can give you the equivalent of 3 days of work while YOU only pay for 1 day. 

That’s what Maveroo is offering your company.

Working as team.
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Pay Less for More Work!

We give you a team of experts for less than the price of 1 employee!

What If your employees could work on skill-based related tasks all day?

With maveroo, your employees have time to work on what they do best and, most of all, what they were hired to do.

We take care of everything web-related, so your business doesn’t lose any time on learning and being updated on your website. Delegate everything for your website and start working on developing your business.

Only pay for work hours! No learning curve or lost time on unrelated tasks/training.

Our Process

Easy Process to Boost Your Web Presence

It’s not just about creating your website. We then need to implement tools, optimize visibility, and start social media campaigns & web campaigns to promote it. Either by establishing a budget or by doing it organically.

  • 1. Analyse needs

    First, we assess priorities and what needs to be done to achieve the intended goals.

  • 2. Start project

    After determining the objectives, we gather the team & you get assigned a chief of project that is accessible by email - phone & or video conference.

  • 3. Report results

    Every month you have access to the hours done on the project from the experts; you will also receive emails & reports on the status of the objectives.

  • 4. Repeat

    When the project is done, we repeat the same steps for the next project or the next phase in the project. Monthly, Yearly even 5-10 years project.


Happy Client's Say

Very satisfied with my logo and all my services with race design! Excellent service, very attentive and always available for my questions 👌🏻

Christine Varie Salon Stylé

This team has taken my business plan to "create a website to sell my products on" to an engaging story of Trust, Quality and Value in my products and my company. Their engaging team never once left me out of the loop, from quickly setting up new review appointments to following up with individual reach outs.

Tim Spencer Jax Mobility

I loved doing business with them. Very personalized service, fast and I even got the home delivery of my brand. Very easy to communicate with them

Kim Loriston CRW
    Our Tools

    The best services for your E-Commerce & Web Presence

    We use the best tools to help you reach and go beyond your wildest goals. Reach 5-10 times your revenue in less than five years with these business tools!

    Google Ads & SEO

    SEO & Visibility

    We build your strategy over the web! From Organic traffic to social media to Google Ads and Google Shopping, Payless to be visible!
    More Information

    LightSpeed P.O.S. & Retail


    Reinvent your business with the omnichannel retail POS system. Get ready for the next era of commerce. With an advanced eCom solution, omnichannel loyalty, and contactless payments, Lightspeed’s fully integrated retail POS is the technology for the future.
    More Information
    WooCommerce Logo

    WooCommerce Websites

    WooCommerce Website

    Built on WordPress. Whether you’re launching a business or taking an existing brick-and-mortar store online, we get you started quickly, and we create precisely the store you need.
    More Information

    Zoho CRM, One, ATS

    Zoho One

    Run your entire business with 45+ integrated applications. With Zoho, you can manage, connect, and automate business processes across your organization. Experience the Operating System for Business.
    More Information

    Got a Question?


    We will answer all your questions here, but feel free to contact us if you have more specific needs or questions.

    Questions about the process

    We put your Web-Related things on AutoPilot:

    We do Web design, so your company is always up to date with new design trends for your website or social media.

    We make sure that Support is available for your business. Since you may not need Support every day and every hour of the week, only pay for working hours. Maintenance, IT Support, training on the web tools, and more.

    SEO & Google ads campaigns are essential to get more visibility online. We will create, launch, maintain, analyze, and update your needs to get maximum visibility!

    Finally, we are here to find and support new web solutions for your business. Either by adding an ATS or a CRM to your workflow, we will integrate, create new solutions and train your staff for all the unique solutions you might need.

    When you take us to manage your Web-related Things, we provide you with a manager that will take care of dispatching the tasks to the team.

    While you might need a job that takes 4 people, you will always talk to your business manager. He will provide you with reports every month. Don’t hesitate to ask questions!


    Our plans are made to satisfy your very own needs. Do you already have an expert in-house, but you want help for a specific project? Do you want to try out how we work without committing to a full year of work? No Worries, we will make a monthly plan. Our monthly plan is a bit pricier, but it’s perfect for short-term trials or projects.

    In the internet world, it’s effortless to claim 100% satisfaction.

    At maveroo, we have a policy of commitment to our client’s satisfaction with our work, and primarily we provide every tool for your success. If we plan appropriately and commit to objectives, we assure you that we will deliver in the next year. Not sure if you should trust us? Take a 1-3 month plan to see how we help you achieve your goals!

    Within the first 3 months, you should be able to see visual progress in your numbers. You will also receive reports every month of any progress we made. Not seeing results after 3 months? We are so confident that we will provide the 4th month for free* 

    *Certain conditions apply.

    Questions about the process

    For Sure!

    We mainly focus on 4 main pillars of the World Wide Web:

    • WordPress/Woocommerce Web design
    • Google Ads/SEO
    • Cloud POS (LightSpeed)
    • Web integration (CRM, ATS, other) with Zoho or other platforms.


    So if it’s something related to any of these pillars, YES, we will help!

    Our plans start with a 2-hours guarantee of work per week, but you can get as much as a full-time employee if you need it.

    The advantage is that whatever the plan you choose, 8 to 40 hours a week, you will always get a team of experts instead of one person that tries to do everything for your web services. 

    Remember that because you are only charged for work hours, 8h a week of actual work is equivalent to 24h a week for an in-house employee.


    We will adjust the 1h/month plan for your needs. You’ll get a volume discount, and we’ll plan your needs accordingly.

    Yes… And No! 

    We are not providing content for your social media like “Stories” or regular posts that you can make every day/week. 

    We are more like a Manager that will edit, schedule your posts, clean the comments if need be, analyze the campaign’s results, and optimize the different campaigns. We assist you so you can post and forget!

    Lastly, we can assist you with your private messages and Chatroom by giving you a specific amount of hours per week and dividing them each day of the month.


    We provide tons of different solutions. That’s why it’s best to schedule a meeting on your needs. We will then provide you with the best tools and solutions for your business.

    Don’t forget that you’re not paying for any training that our team could potentially need. You will also be teamed with the best expert available for any situation you might encounter.


    We Provide services across the world. Whether you have multiple offices or are based outside USA and Canada. If your business communicates in English internally, we will help you achieve any goals you have in mind.

    The Maveroo Effect!

    Streamline workflows and get more done in less time by leaving the busy work to us.

    Working with computers
    • 1. Introduction to your Business

      By getting in contact we will be able to understand your challenges and what we can do to help. This will ensure that we all save time and effort along the way.

    • 2. The Meeting & Analysis

      After receiving a preliminary proposal we get to the meat of the issue. We will make sure to break down every aspect of your business that needs attention and get you a solution for every one of them.

    • 3. Integration & Migration

      The project started by getting your new services activated with every older tool transferred. It can be done gradually or in one Go! It all depends on the size of your business and what need to be done

    • 4. Maintenance - Support - Training

      That's the fun part! You don't have to train your employees, maintain the platform, add new users and even offer support to your employees! We are here to manage all of these tasks!

    Still not sure what to do or where to start?

    Let’s just start by getting in contact and have an introduction phone call. you can then decide what will be best for you!

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